About The Smart Bean

Like everybody else, I liked to read blogs and watch YouTube videos about different types of products, but one day my closest friend told me he found out how much money I spend on these things and called them “frivolous”.

After that day, every time I wanted to buy something new online, or when I saw a commercial for a new product on TV, it set off an alarm in my head

– is this really worth the money? What if they’re not telling me everything?

I felt like there was a need to answer all those questions I would get about digital products, so eventually, the idea came to me.
Why not start a review blog where I analyze products available on the internet and tell my honest opinion about them.

Et voilà, Thesmartbean.com was born

In this blog, I review various products. These reviews are based on my own personal experiences with each product. You will always be able to count on unbiased views on the latest digital products on the internet. You must read these reviews before deciding to buy any product.

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