About Us – The Smart Bean

What is SmartBean all about?

SmartBean helps responsible parents raise smart kids. We achieve this by-

SmartBean Magazine

The internet offers exceptional media content (articles, features, commentaries, videos, and such) on parenting and education. We understand that it is not practical for the average harried parent to spend valuable time on search and discovery of such content. Our editors bring together the very best of the web, with bite-size commentary that allows a parent to rapidly absorb its essence and relevance. Our team also authors editorials on issues related to holistic child-rearing with a focus on education.

SmartBean Resources

We enable easy search and discovery of quality academic resources for K-12. Recommendations are organized by subject, grade, topic, and tags for intuitive retrieval, which allows you to easily get to what you are looking for. Additionally, we enable topic-driven search using custom search engines for various subjects that are tuned to search only the ‘very best of the web’ without the clutter of normal search.

SmartBean Store

Our online store is dedicated to the “best of breed” in books, games, toys, software and other products with unquestioned educational merit. The very best of every product category is on offer, along with crisp and telling reviews, and the ability to search by age, genre and other attributes. We shortly expect to include exceptional K-12 academic offerings in both traditional and contemporary disciplines.

Enjoy, and write to us at feedback@thesmartbean.com

Who is behind SmartBean?

We are a small team of impassioned parents and educators drawn from the alumni and student body of Harvard University, MIT and Stanford University.