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Hi, my name is Tom and welcome to my website,

In 2013, I entered the online world knowing nothing (what you can call basically a noob) but with big dreams of making a living online one day. I have been scammed a couple of times.

I have wasted tons of time and resources on useless “courses” and “systems”. I’ve done quite a few really stupid things over the years.

My Story

When I started my make money online journey in 2013 my goal was “FREEDOM”. Working online was the best choice I could think of because doing so gives you the freedom to work from anywhere.¬†

6 years later…. after much ups and downs, I am here making a living online… and not just that… but a better income in a month than I could do in 5 years in my last 9-5 job.

The Smart Bean Website

On, I intend to show people how I do it so that they can replicate it.

On this site also I write all sorts of articles and provide various valuable information. I do product reviews, investigate scams and fraud, I judge if a program or course is legit and more. Its a general blog site where I can write about anything I would like .. so nothing is really off boundaries.

Need To Get In Contact With Me?

If you have and questions, concerns or any reason to get in contact with me you can do so by emailing me at

You can usually expect a reply from me within 48 hours or so.